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Two Chicks, One Show – ‘Agent Carter,’ “The Atomic Job”

Season 2 | Episodes 5 | Aired Feb. 9thAgent Carter and the team must work together to stop Whitney Frost from setting off a nuclear bomb.

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Apple Announces Bigger Phone, Apple Watch

Looks like Apple’s Keynote announcements were the worst kept secrets in … well, tech keynotes. As expected, the most recent product announcements included and newer, bigger iPhone, and the first wearable tech for the company.

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INTERVIEW: 2015 Geekie Award Winner “Frozen is the New Black” Animator Leigh Lahav

Frozen is the New Black hit YouTube a little over a year ago and currently has over 7 million views along with a trail of press clippings (one even from this site!)!

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PS4 3.5 Update Adds Remote Play for PC & Mac

Today is the launch of PS4’s next major system update codenamed “Musashi” which updates some social features and adds remote play for both PC and Mac users. Some of the new social features include being able to appear offline, choose to be notified when a friend is online, create a scheduled event to play online with your friends, and to be able to see what members of a party are playing in order to jump directly into other games with them. Playstation has outlined more details on their blog…

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Two Chicks, One Show – ‘Agent Carter,’ “Smoke & Mirrors”

Season 2 | Episode 4 | Aired Feb. 2ndThis week we learn a little more about what makes our leading lady tick, while also getting to know a bit more about our nefarious femme fatale. All the while, Peggy and company get closer to learning Whitney Frost’s secret.

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Catherine Elhoffer Doesn’t Need to Set Her Phaser to Stun to Make You Love Her Designs

Catherine Elhoffer is the goddess behind the geeky clothes you’ve been drooling over. I’m not just saying that because her brain is always designing something breathtaking. She’s an absolute delight to talk to about anything and everything fandom related. We went into a million tangents during this interview because you can’t just mention Harry Potter or Marvel casually. She’s a strong supporter in positive body images and refuses to have any of her models photoshopped. She’s someone you wish was your best friend because she’s hilarious and will make you feel at ease even though she’s only just met you.

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Ms. Marvel and Other Superheroes Become Protest Superheroes!

There are some strong, fearless, and all-American superheroes lending their faces to the resistance.During the Women’s March(s) around the world in January, Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia popped up representing that a women’s true place is in the resistance. Now as protests continue (HELL YEA, KEEP THEM GOING!) focusing not just on women’s rights but also strongly opposing Trump’s ban on Muslims and moving forward on his plans for building a wall along the Mexican border. Now more powerful and inspiring fictional characters are proving to be a force to reckon with and giving protestors hope in these dark times, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and more!

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PinSim Brings Physical Pinball Experience To VR

With the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now out on the market, people are starting to see what VR can offer. One of the coolest experiences is to be able to experience fantasy pinball tables inside of VR. Normally pinball tables could cost thousands of dollars but Pinball FX 2 VR allows an Oculus Rift owner the opportunity to play pinball for much cheaper. The experience, while rad, still doesn’t fully stack up to the traditional experience. That’s where Jeremy Williams of Tested.com and his PinSim comes in.

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Two Chicks, One Show – The X-Files, Season 3

The story unfolds, as both Mulder and Scully find their families at the heart of the drama of the third season of the acclaimed series. And now there’s a new threat, as we’re introduced to the Black Oil. Join Tricia, a long time X-Phile, and Kait, an XF newbie, as they discuss season three in anticipation of the new season.

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The Checklist: April 17th – April 23rd

Let’s face it, being a Geek is hard! We all know being a geek means having a very hectic TV, Comic, Movie, and Video Game schedule, and you might not be able to keep track of it all. The Checklist is here to help! Here are 5 of the things you have to check out this week!

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