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We Made Burgers from ‘The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book!’

Yes, Monica and I cooked burgers and did not give ourselves food poisoning!There are a few things that you – my faithful and loyal reader – should know about me by this point: 1) Game of Thrones is my JAM! 2) Bob’s Burgers is simply my way of life.

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Facebook Messenger Platform & Live API Announced

Facebook announced a bunch of plans for their future at their F8 Conference Keynote this morning, including a Facebook Live API and a new Facebook Messenger Platform. 

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Alien Day is Approaching and You Can Celebrate with Stompers!

First the watch, now the sneakers!The classic film Aliens seems to re-opening hearts for the franchise by releasing products from the movies. This time they teamed up with Reebok to release the Stompers that Ellen Ripley wears in the film, as well as the mid-top version that Bishop wears. The sneakers will be available for purchase (no word on pricing) on April 26 at Reebok.com and select stores. It’s best to call ahead if you plan on visiting a store to make sure they will have the sneakers in stock.

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Super Mario Maker Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Easily one of the best games of last year with a continuously strong player base is finally coming to the Nintendo 3DS on December 2nd.

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Pax East and Books Surprisingly Go Hand in Hand

Pax East is happening this week, and while I’m super excited to play all of the games and collect all of the pins (I’m looking at you specifically, Dogmeat and Geralt), it got me thinking that I would love to dive into a new game related book. So in no particular order, here’s a list of books that will hit all the right buttons of a gamer. I will never apologize for being punny. NEVER.

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Watch Mad Science Thermite Cannon in Action

Colin Furze created a thermite cannon. A cannon out of thermite. One more time: A THERMITE CANNON.Colin Furze is a Youtuber from the other side of the pond who is pushing himself as the mad scientist type. He’s created wolverine claws that can do serious damage and magnetic boots that allowed him to walk on the ceiling. He has plenty of crazy inventions over on his Youtube channel.

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Nintendo Direct 3DS Says The Handheld Isn’t Dead

I will happily and easily say that the Nintendo 3DS has been the little console that could. If we consider every iteration of the platform it is difficult to argue that it’s been one of the most successful gaming devices in the last decade. With the NX coming early 2017 and the WiiU almost certainly being phased out, many speculated a similar fate for 3DS. Nintendo is all like “Nah-uh” as it has showcased a bunch of games, updates for 2016 and early plans for 2017.

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Two Chicks, One Show – Outlander, “The Reckoning”

The Doughtlander is over! Jamie and Claire must escape Black Jack Randall, then work out some serious personal issues, while Jamie navigates some highly sensitive politics between Dougal and Collum.

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Even Luna Lovegood thinks Luna and Neville Would NEVER Make It as a Couple!

Prepare to have some fan-fiction loving hearts broken!In case you live under a rock, earlier this week The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood opened it’s doors and in classic Hollywood style there was a star-studded event that included a handful of Harry Potter actors who depicted fan favorite characters. One being my personal favorite Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood, played by Evanna Lynch!

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The Tesla Model 3 Has Been Revealed

While I’m certainly not cool enough to be at the Tesla Model 3 reveal event in person, I get to join the hype train with you at home! Luckily, Elon Musk likes his events short and sweet. He went through the details of Tesla’s mission, namely to reduce emissions and essentially improve the world (while making a ton of money of course). He went through some of the product details to create even more hype then showed us the car!

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