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Web Series Weds: ‘Grayson: Earth One’ is Not Just for the Boys

There are a surprising number of Nightwing (or Bat-family) based web series out there, but few have approached the character from quite as unique and interesting a viewpoint as Grayson: Earth One, a new web series from writer/director Hisonni Johnson. GEO asks one very simple question: what if Dick Grayson had never been adopted by Batman?

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BOOM! Studios Extends Giant Days to a 12-Issue Series!

It would seem like maybe someone at BOOM! Studios reads AGtM?Only a couple weeks after I personally penned a letter pleading for BOOM! To make the awesome girl power comic, Giant Days, an ongoing series, the publisher announced that Giant Days has been extended to 12-issues. Sure it is not “ongoing” but BOOM! has doubled the amount of issues and fingers-crossed maybe after 12 issues BOOM! will add Giant Days to their permanent catalogue.

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A Magical Oyster, Art Thievery, and Murder – A Starting Guide of Divinity: Original Sin

Every now and then, a person comes across a game that feels just right. For me, that game is Divinity: Original Sin. A game made possible by a successful campaign run by the game’s studio Larian Studios. The kickstarter raised over $1,000,000 during a month of funding and has since sold over 160,000 copies since releasing on June 30th. According to the studio, these sales numbers make it their fastest selling game.

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A New Kind of Internet Odd Couple: An Interview With the Cast and Creator of ‘Super Knocked Up’

Parenthood can be tough for anyone, especially people who end up that way unexpectedly, but what if you had the added challenge of super powers, a secret identity, and plans of world domination to get back to? That’s the question asked by the award winning web series Super Knocked Up, now in it’s second season.

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Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014!

Another day closer to 2015 so another list looking back at 2014!This list is dedicated to the fictional characters that have made us cry, laugh, fall in and out of love, and influenced the world throughout this year. From the Doctor to the Queen of Arendelle there is a wide range of characters that have left a stamp on the world, find out who made our list below…

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Fifty Shades Author to Release a Christian Grey POV Book.

Is the world ready for more Christian Grey? Doesn’t matter cause we are getting it anyway!By now we all know that the series, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, is Twilight fanfiction. Well James took things to the next level, a level that not even Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, went to.

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Neil Gaiman’s First Video Game Let’s You Haunt A Family

One of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, has done everything from comics to television, and now he is adding another medium to his list, video games. Gaiman teamed up with The Odd Gentleman to create the spooktacular game, Wayward Manor.

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‘GUIDES’ Serves Up Comedy, Creativity, and Just a Little Social Commentary

You might remember all last year, everyone on the planet seemed to be counting down to one very specific date. For reasons most people didn’t understand, December 21, 2012 was a very important day. It was the day the world would end, as it had so perfectly been foretold millennia ago by the Maya, an extinct, but brilliant race of people from somewhere in South America? It was all very fuzzy, but the fact remained, their calendar ended on that day, and that meant, unequivocally, that it was the last day the sun would rise on this fair planet.

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Geek Approved Books from 2014!

Well it is that time of year where every website releases their “Best of” lists, so duh so are we! Over the next couple days leading up to 2015 we will be releasing our custom list for our lovely readers.

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Lumberjanes Coming to a Theater Near You!?!

Yep, you read that headline right and it is perfectly normal to COMPLETELY freak out!BOOM! Studios and 20th Century Fox have made a deal for a live-action film adaptation of the highly successful comic-book series Lumberjanes!

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