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Philadelphia’s ‘Tetris’ Game Broke The Guinness World Record!

It’s not like I had anything to do with it, but it’s still pretty thrilling to have physically been in witness of a Guinness World winning event! Back in April, Drexel University associate professor Frank Lee created a version of Tetris that would be playable on the side of the Cira Centre, a 29-story building.

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Jeremy LaLonde Talks Internet Fundraising and ‘Sex After Kids’

There are plenty of movies out there about dating, about getting married, and about breaking up. What there aren’t, are a lot of movies about what comes next. How do you have a relationship, especially a sexual one, once the magic wears off, and you have to deal with screaming children? How do you keep the spark alive after your kids have grown, and moved out? And how do you date as a single parent? These are the kinds of questions asked and answered in Jeremy LaLonde’s new comedy, Sex After Kids (fitting title, no?).

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Okay, Let’s Talk about Maisie Williams’ “First-World Feminism” Comment

Maisie Williams, the 17-year old actress best known for her role of Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, made a couple comments this week regarding feminism during a press run for her new drama Cyber Bully. Of course Williams interview with The Guardian and specially her “first-world feminism” comment spread across the internet like wild fire. In case you have not seen the quote here it is:

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Grumpy Cat is Going on a Comic Misadventure!

Get ready to hate everything!Dynamite Entertainment announced this week that they have penned a partnership with Grumpy Cat Limited to release print and digital comics as well as graphic novels. Fans of the internet icon, Grumpy Cat, can follow him and his brother, Pokey, on their misadventures this Fall. Dynamite will release a three issue mini-series followed by a graphic novel just in time for the holiday season.

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Frank J. Barbiere Gets Us In Touch With Five Ghosts

I recently got the chance to talk to one of my favorite comic writers Frank J. Barbiere about his latest story Five Ghosts from Image Comics. The first issue lands on your local comic book store’s shelves on March 20, 2013 and I desperately urge you to go pick it up. It is a great mix of action, adventure, and mystery mixed with a pulp style. The main character, Fabian Gray, is quite the leading man and his powers boast some awesome literary ties.

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TooManyGames Is Coming!

If you don’t have any plans this weekend, and you happen to like games, might I suggest heading over to Too Many Games in Oak, PA??? The convention in it’s 10th season (congrats, guys!) has a whole lot of fun in store for gaming enthusiasts.

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“Confusing, right?” SNL Nails How Woman are Portrayed in Male Comedies

SNL and the brilliant Cecily Strong took on the stereotypical female character in a “male driven comedy.” During Weekend Update, in the December 13 episode of the show, Colin Jost reports that in a 2014 study “women still remain grossly unrepresented when it comes to major film roles.” Not really too surprised by this fact, SNL decided to take this topic one step further when they had Cecily Strong roll in as “A One-Dimensional Female Character From A Male Driven Comedy,” named Heather from work. Strong is rocking glasses and bangs (duh) but once she takes off those glasses you might notice her. She also informs Jost that even though she has a body of a girl who eats salads, she loves beer, wings, and burgers. Watch the full clip below:

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Jill Lepore’s Degradation of Marvel’s A-Force is Upsetting

By now you’ve read G. Willow Wilson’s  response to the New Yorker editorial written by Dr. Jill Lepore that is a scathing look at the A-Force comic. In short, Lepore basically called the comic nothing better than superhero porn and her only back up for these views was two ten-year-old boys. When G. Willow Wilson, co-writer of the comic, read this, she respectfully suggested that Lepore do a little more research on women’s portrayal in comics and the constant struggle to have female characters in comics treated with the same decency as their fellow male teammates. This would be a simple search on Google or heck, even talking to a female fan of comics. But why empower women when you can just trip any steps in advancement that creators try to take?

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Try ‘The White Suits’ On For Size: An Interview With Frank J. Barbiere

I recently had the chance to talk to writer Frank J. Barbiere who is the man behind the fascinating series The White Suits that premiered in Dark Horse Presents #11. Let me just tell you that he is one hell of a storyteller. If you’re looking for a mob drama that is soaked in not only blood but mystery as well, this is the story to check out. Read on to see Barbiere talk about his original series.

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E3 2014 Nintendo Digital Event Overview: That Nintendo Magic

The media briefings wrapped up in a great way with the Nintendo Digital Event that was shown. It started off with what appeared to be a Robot Chicken animation starring Nintendo USA President Reggie making fun of every franchise Nintendo was known for. After that was a CGI-fight starring both Nintendo heads, Mr. Iwata and Reggie, completely animated in Mii avatars. The short wrapped up with real-life Reggie and Iwata playing some Super Smash Bros. to settle the score.

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