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Cast and Crew of ‘Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Honor Sarah Jones

This past Monday would have been the 28th birthday of Sarah Elizabeth Jones, the camera assistant that was tragically killed on the set of Midnight Rider in February of this year. To honor Sarah and to benefit the Sarah Jones Film Foundation, created by Sarah’s parents, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have organized a Walk-A-Thon.

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Kickstart This! 3D Bio Game for Kinect

When I was in school, I loved science. In fact, I even studied it for a while before making the fiscally responsible decision to become a starving artist. A major part of my science-y childhood came from re-runs of “The Magic Schoolbus” and any education computer games I could find, but none of that really translated once I hit high school (and let’s admit it, that’s when it really starts getting difficult). Well, Seattle based artists, animators, and game designers Laura Lynn Gonzalez, Blair Lyons, and Rachel Bajema, are hoping to change all that with a brand new 3D exploration game for the Kinect.

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Emma Watson Is Being Threatened By Members of 4chan Over Gender Equality

If you’re a decent human being reading this, which I’m sincerely hoping you are, then you have watched and applauded Emma Watson’s amazing and much needed speech about equality among genders in her campaign, HeForShe. In her speech, Watson talked about how feminism is a human rights issue that requires the participation of both genders, hence, He For She.

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Michael Keaton to Star in the BOOM! Studios/Fox ‘Imagine Agents’ Adaptation!

BOOM! Studios and 20th Century Fox announced this week that the one the only Michael Keaton (*cough, cough..the man who should have won an Oscar this year) will star and produce the film adaption of the BOOM! comic series, Imagine Agents.

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Kickstart This! Mad Science, The Card Game

When was the last time you played a game that didn’t involve the use of a television, computer, controller, or the letters MMORPG? Well, for Drew Bancroft, the answer is probably “yesterday.” Bancroft is, as he puts it, “an internet guy” (he does project management and design), a father of three, and can now add “game creator” to his resume. He is the brain behind the new card game “Mad Science,” and recently he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production.

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REVIEW – Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside – Hello Hipster Superhero!

So, Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside was my first ever experience with a DC comic. Yes, I know…shame!

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