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Geek(s) of the Week: Austin and Becky Craig Start a ‘Life on Bitcoin’

BitCoin. It’s all over the place these days, but the gap between the people who’ve heard of it, and those who actually understand it is pretty big. Now, one couple from Utah is attempting the ultimate experiment to learn just what BitCoin is, and whether or not it really is a viable form of currency, or just a fad for hackers and drug dealers.

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The Unicorn Files Launches a Kickstarter in Hopes to Publish a Geek Girl Photo book!

In case you need a refresher, The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek, launched over a year ago by geeky lady Terra Clarke Olsen and photographer Nate Watters. The two created a blog to highlight geeky women and help crush the concept of the “fake geek girl.”

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The Geeks That Ruled Over the Kingdom in 2014

These are the geeks that made 2014 their b*tch and we decided they deserved some recognition for that. They were so passionate in their lives, they made an impact on ours, whether it be speaking out on a topic or bringing entertainment.

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Web Series Weds: ‘Malice’ Introduces a Not So ‘Wonderful’ Wonderland

There are two very familiar universes that seem to lend themselves to adaptation in countless, and seemingly unending, ways: The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland. There is just something about these incredibly detailed worlds that offer storytellers a myriad of ways to adapt and expand them. One thing is for sure, the worlds presented in these classic tales are the kind that can be viewed from many different perspectives; from the bright and fantastical world of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, to the dark and haunting tale presented in MALICE, a web series from creator Phil Cook, currently embarking on it’s third season.

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Jeremy Scott Talks to us About ‘The Ables’

Co-creator of the YouTube series, Cinema Sins, Jeremy Scott decided to go down a different storytelling path, when he wrote The Ables. A story about a group of friends who are disabled empowered kids, but won’t let their disabilities stop them from being the heroes they truly are. Phillip is blind and telekinetic. James is blind and can teleport. Wheelchair-bound Henry is telepathic. Bentley has cerebral palsy and is a math and science genius. Donnie has Down Syndrome and is super fast and powerful. But sadly, the rest of their powered peers only see their disabilities. So the friends form their own team, The Ables, to prove to everyone that they can overcome their disabilities to join the others in protecting the world. It’s not until they identify a nefarious threat unfolding that they might be able to change everyone’s minds about them.

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‘Mockingjay’ Cast Unites in a PSA for the Ebola Survival Fund

Remember when everyone was worried about an Ebola outbreak in America then right after mid-term elections no one talked about Ebola…odd right? Any who that is a different story, but Ebola is still a huge problem in other parts of the world, namely West Africa. Well some members of the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 got together to shine light on the Ebola outbreak in a new PSA for the Ebola Survival Fund, watch below:

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Web Series Weds: ‘Grayson: Earth One’ is Not Just for the Boys

There are a surprising number of Nightwing (or Bat-family) based web series out there, but few have approached the character from quite as unique and interesting a viewpoint as Grayson: Earth One, a new web series from writer/director Hisonni Johnson. GEO asks one very simple question: what if Dick Grayson had never been adopted by Batman?

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BOOM! Studios Extends Giant Days to a 12-Issue Series!

It would seem like maybe someone at BOOM! Studios reads AGtM?Only a couple weeks after I personally penned a letter pleading for BOOM! To make the awesome girl power comic, Giant Days, an ongoing series, the publisher announced that Giant Days has been extended to 12-issues. Sure it is not “ongoing” but BOOM! has doubled the amount of issues and fingers-crossed maybe after 12 issues BOOM! will add Giant Days to their permanent catalogue.

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A Magical Oyster, Art Thievery, and Murder – A Starting Guide of Divinity: Original Sin

Every now and then, a person comes across a game that feels just right. For me, that game is Divinity: Original Sin. A game made possible by a successful campaign run by the game’s studio Larian Studios. The kickstarter raised over $1,000,000 during a month of funding and has since sold over 160,000 copies since releasing on June 30th. According to the studio, these sales numbers make it their fastest selling game.

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A New Kind of Internet Odd Couple: An Interview With the Cast and Creator of ‘Super Knocked Up’

Parenthood can be tough for anyone, especially people who end up that way unexpectedly, but what if you had the added challenge of super powers, a secret identity, and plans of world domination to get back to? That’s the question asked by the award winning web series Super Knocked Up, now in it’s second season.

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