The Secret Loves of Geeks Girls Anthology is a Female-Empowered Guide to Love

Oh, geek love. We always hear about or it see it in the movies where the geeky guy needs to win over the girl of his dreams. Or where the group of geek guys are lamenting over their pathetic love lives. There’s always an article or book pointed at the guys giving them advice on how to break out of their shell and meet someone. But what about the ladies?! We’re not just prizes to be won! Just like an adventurer, we aren’t going to wait around for that special someone to fall into our laps, we’re going to go out and find that treasure. Thanks to Hope Nicholson, she’s trying to bring an anthology to our tables through Kickstarter that’s all about The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and will hopefully serve as a guide for when life has gotten a girl down or she needs a little help. I should also point out that this guide will be so much better than any stupid, He’s Just Not That Into You type of book.

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AGtM’s Summer 2015 Reading List!

It is officially Summer time! So put those sunglasses on, make a frozen drink, grab a book and chill poolside or on a sandy beach.

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Michael Keaton to Star in the BOOM! Studios/Fox ‘Imagine Agents’ Adaptation!

BOOM! Studios and 20th Century Fox announced this week that the one the only Michael Keaton (*cough, cough..the man who should have won an Oscar this year) will star and produce the film adaption of the BOOM! comic series, Imagine Agents.

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REVIEW – Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside – Hello Hipster Superhero!

So, Batgirl Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside was my first ever experience with a DC comic. Yes, I know…shame!

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Review: The Library at Mount Char

I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure where to begin in this review. As soon as the book ended, my head was swirling. Normally, I would say that’s a bad thing, but after letting my brain reform into solid grey matter, I came to realize that if a book had my brain in that much of a tizzy, it’s a good thing. Expect to go on one hell of a ride during this book. The world that Scott Hawkins created is spellbinding, insane, colorful and definitely not something that I’ve seen since I’ve read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

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The Unicorn Files Launches a Kickstarter in Hopes to Publish a Geek Girl Photo book!

In case you need a refresher, The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of the Female Geek, launched over a year ago by geeky lady Terra Clarke Olsen and photographer Nate Watters. The two created a blog to highlight geeky women and help crush the concept of the “fake geek girl.”

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Jeremy Scott Talks to us About ‘The Ables’

Co-creator of the YouTube series, Cinema Sins, Jeremy Scott decided to go down a different storytelling path, when he wrote The Ables. A story about a group of friends who are disabled empowered kids, but won’t let their disabilities stop them from being the heroes they truly are. Phillip is blind and telekinetic. James is blind and can teleport. Wheelchair-bound Henry is telepathic. Bentley has cerebral palsy and is a math and science genius. Donnie has Down Syndrome and is super fast and powerful. But sadly, the rest of their powered peers only see their disabilities. So the friends form their own team, The Ables, to prove to everyone that they can overcome their disabilities to join the others in protecting the world. It’s not until they identify a nefarious threat unfolding that they might be able to change everyone’s minds about them.

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BOOM! Studios Extends Giant Days to a 12-Issue Series!

It would seem like maybe someone at BOOM! Studios reads AGtM?Only a couple weeks after I personally penned a letter pleading for BOOM! To make the awesome girl power comic, Giant Days, an ongoing series, the publisher announced that Giant Days has been extended to 12-issues. Sure it is not “ongoing” but BOOM! has doubled the amount of issues and fingers-crossed maybe after 12 issues BOOM! will add Giant Days to their permanent catalogue.

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Fifty Shades Author to Release a Christian Grey POV Book.

Is the world ready for more Christian Grey? Doesn’t matter cause we are getting it anyway!By now we all know that the series, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, is Twilight fanfiction. Well James took things to the next level, a level that not even Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, went to.

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Lumberjanes Coming to a Theater Near You!?!

Yep, you read that headline right and it is perfectly normal to COMPLETELY freak out!BOOM! Studios and 20th Century Fox have made a deal for a live-action film adaptation of the highly successful comic-book series Lumberjanes!

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