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‘Black Mirror’ Trailer is Setting the Tone for a Scary Future

Black Mirror is coming back to remind us how much worse things in the digital age can get. Charlie Brooker’s series premiered in 2014 on British Television and then became an international hit. It was announced that the series would come to Netflix with 12 new episodes, 6 of them will be available this month.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead Will be Slashing up Deadites for Another Year!

Groovy, baby! Ash Vs Evil Dead is only one episode into season 2 and it was announced at New York Comic-Con today that Starz has already renewed the series for a season 3. This comes on the heels of yesterday’s panel at NYCC.

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‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “The Original”Westworld is just like Disney World but it is not the most happiest place in the world and is filled with violence, sex and deception.

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American Horror Story Gets Renewed for Another Horrifying Season

It should come as no surprise that American Horror Story has been renewed for a 7th season. FX announced earlier today that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s horror anthology would be coming back for more scares.

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FIRST LOOK at ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!’

The rum is NEVER truly gone…It will be just about SIX YEARS since the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow has graced the big screen in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and now we have the first look of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales…check it out below!

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Let’s Unpack the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Trailer Like It’s Newt Scamander’s Case

How beautiful was that trailer?! I mean seriously, it filled my being with magic. This final trailer debuted on The Ellen Show this morning and has since had fans like myself freaking out over every little detail. So let’s break everything down as best as possible.

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‘Bob’s Burgers’ Extra-Rare Performer of the Week: Kuchi Kopi!

Season 7 | Episode 1 | “Flu-ouise”Welcome, Bob’s Burgers fans, to the weekly post where a member of the Belcher family or supporting character (looking at you Teddy and Jimmy Jr.) is crowned the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week! Hardcore fans of the animated sitcom know that there’s always one breakout, standout character in every Bob’s Burgers episode to celebrate!

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Ryan Murphy Spills an ‘American Horror Story’ Secret Season and Connections Between Seasons

Season 6 of American Horror Story is only two episodes in and Ryan Murphy has already divulged in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he and one other writer have been working on a secret season of AHS. That’s a lot of secret keeping seeing as he kept the theme of this season under wraps. This secret season has been in the works for two years and hasn’t yet been completed. Murphy said that this side project will still be worked on, on the sly. Although I feel it will be tough to work on this without anyone noticing seeing as people will most likely be stalking him for any tidbit on this mysterious season.

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Space is Scary and Romantic in the First Trailer for ‘Passengers’

“They found love in a hopeless place…”After what feels like months of waiting to find out anything about the VERY highly-anticipated sci-fi rom-com (I think it is a comedy), Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, we FINALLY got the first official trailer from the film! Check it out below:

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The Original Belle Bestowed Kind Words to Emma Watson

This might have just made my month! In honor of the Walt Disney Signature Collection release of Beauty and the Beast, the original voice actress Paige O’Hara decided to share some magical advice to Emma Watson as she prepares to bring Belle to the big screen.

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