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Two Chicks, One Show – “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Season 3

Senior year is stressful for anyone, but it’s worse when you’re a Slayer and have to deal with homework, college applications, and a psychotic mayor bent on eating your classmates.

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Why you should be playing ‘Life is Strange’

I heard about Life is Strange before I went to Pax East and was intrigued, but it wasn’t until I was there and was able to play the game at the Square Enix booth that I wanted to explore more. I recently downloaded the first chapter, Chrysalis, and am hooked, despite some issues with the game. Even despite some of those issues, which I will get into, I still think this game is worth your time.

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If You’re a Woman That Loves Comics and Gaming, ‘Chainmail Bikini’ Is for You

I’m a woman that loves comics and gaming, so finding out about this comic anthology made me pretty damn excited! Chainmail Bikini is a comic anthology by and about women in gaming. Over 40 artists contributed new stories about the games they are passionate about – from video games to table-top role playing to collectible card games.

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Will Your Favorite Video Game Be Inducted Into the Hall of Fame?

The Strong Museum, The National Museum of Play, announced on Tuesday that they are starting the World Video Game Hall of Fame. 55,000 video games and artifacts from the history of gaming have been collected but only a few will inducted.

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Would You Rather Play ‘The Order: 1886’ Or ‘The Order: 1986’?

I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of want to try my hand at playing the 1986 version of The Order. Think about it, you could slay the werewolves with your gun or your sweet guitar shredding skills! That being said, if this game doesn’t have a secret ending or release DLC of the 80’s version, I’m going to be bummed. It would be like a throwback to the days when Silent Hill had those alternate goofy endings.

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A Guy Is Hate-Buying Rosalina Amiibos Because He Dislikes the Character and Her Fans

Amiibo’s are a hot commodity right now. I’ve known friends to have actually visited multiple stores in order to complete their collections. So it’s no surprise that there are people out there that buy up the Amiibo’s to resell them online for ridiculous prices. There’s an actual business for this. What is surprising, and absolutely infuriating, is that there is a “gamer guy” that is buying up as many Rosalina amiibos as he can for a personal vendetta.

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Will Sora Get to Become an Avenger or a Jedi in Kingdom Hearts III?

While we might still have to wait to get our hands on Kingdom Hearts III, the longer wait just means more exciting additions might be coming to the infamous franchise. Fans around the world have already envisioned Sora, Donald, and Goofy visiting the universes of Marvel and Star Wars since they were acquired by Disney but most people have dashed those hopes saying they were too new or they didn’t want to get their hopes up. Well, co-director and game designer, Tai Yasue might have gotten everyone’s hopes up again in a recent interview.

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The Legend of Zelda Symphony Announces Tour Dates for 2015

Nintendo announced today that The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Tour will embark on a worldwide venture in 2015. This third installment will be titled “Master Quest” and will celebrate the upcoming release of Majora’s Mask on Nintendo 3DS.

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Meet The Forresters: Full-Length Trailer for Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Series

Drama in The North!Telltale has released the full-length trailer for their Game of Thrones episodic game series and it is amazing! Watch the full trailer below and get to know the new family in The North, House Forrester…

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Two Chicks, One Show – Outlander “The Way Out”

Two Chicks, One Show is an ongoing chat series where Kait and Tricia discuss one currently airing show, episode by episode.

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