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Pokemon GO Coming to the Apple Watch

Pokemon GO is coming to the Apple Watch. Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 500 Million times, and people have walked 46 billion km while playing the game. The Apple Watch will allow users to play the game with their face up as opposed to buried face down in the phone.

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Mario and Apple Together At Last

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to introduce Mario for the iPhone.Super Mario Run is an endless runner in the New Super Mario Brothers aesthetic. Many chuckled a bit as the name of the game was announced but the game looks to separate itself from other runners. The game moves at a decent pace and Mario can do multiple jumps with simple taps. The game was designed for one-handed use so you can keep one hand on a hamburger at all times. You can collect coins on the go with the iPhone.

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Follow Us During Today’s Apple and Sony Events

Today at 10am and 12pm Pacific you’ll be able to see the latest iPhone announcement followed by Sony’s big press conference to reveal details about its Neo PS4 console update.

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Fan Made Sonic Game Shows Off Great Ideas

It’s no mystery that the Sonic franchise has struggled. Most would argue that there hasn’t been a good Sonic game since Sonic The Hedgehog 2, while others claim at least some love for Sonic Adventure. No matter which camp you fall in, we can all agree that some fan-made tributes and experiments in Sonic’s world have yielded some fun results. Green Hill Paradise Act 2 is here to save the day!

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Super Mario Maker Coming to Nintendo 3DS

Easily one of the best games of last year with a continuously strong player base is finally coming to the Nintendo 3DS on December 2nd.

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Nintendo Direct 3DS Says The Handheld Isn’t Dead

I will happily and easily say that the Nintendo 3DS has been the little console that could. If we consider every iteration of the platform it is difficult to argue that it’s been one of the most successful gaming devices in the last decade. With the NX coming early 2017 and the WiiU almost certainly being phased out, many speculated a similar fate for 3DS. Nintendo is all like “Nah-uh” as it has showcased a bunch of games, updates for 2016 and early plans for 2017.

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Injustice 2 Reveals Harley Quinn and Deadshot

Riding the high of the rise (and fall) of the recently released Suicide Squad, NetherRealm Studios has revealed the latest trailer for Injustice 2 featuring Harley Quinn and Deadshot.

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Pokémon Go Updated Yesterday to Finally Make You a Better Trainer

Pokémon Go has had some highs and lows since the app’s release this summer. One of the most annoying bugs to the system was the tracking feature in the game that was supposed to allow you to hunt down nearby Pokémon. This feature became extremely buggy and Niantic decided to completely wipe it without a word to anyone. It wasn’t until people were spamming Niantic’s social media accounts and anything Pokémon Go related online that Niantic finally came forward and stated they were working on a solution to fix the tracking feature for its best utilization.

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Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition Coming 11/11

Nintendo has announced on their Facebook page that the NES is coming back to stores. They’re calling it the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition.

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Nintendo Needed the Win with Niantic’s Pokemon GO

Nintendo has a habit of making us enjoy something new without realizing it was something we’ve wanted all along.

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