Kickstart This! Mad Science, The Card Game

When was the last time you played a game that didn’t involve the use of a television, computer, controller, or the letters MMORPG? Well, for Drew Bancroft, the answer is probably “yesterday.” Bancroft is, as he puts it, “an internet guy” (he does project management and design), a father of three, and can now add “game creator” to his resume. He is the brain behind the new card game “Mad Science,” and recently he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production.

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Geek(s) of the Week: Chris Tobias and Jeff Cunningham Want to ‘Take Back the Sky’ for ‘Firefly’ Fans

Listen up, Browncoats! Have you ever looked up at the night’s sky and wondered if a spaceship named Serenity really was flying around out there? Well, if this week’s Geek of the Week honorees have their way, soon you won’t have to wonder. Chris Tobias and Jeff Cunningham are the brains behind ‘Take Back the Sky’, a brand new movement aimed at convincing privately owned SpaceX to name their first manned rocket after the fictional ship.

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Geek(s) of the Week: Austin and Becky Craig Start a ‘Life on Bitcoin’

BitCoin. It’s all over the place these days, but the gap between the people who’ve heard of it, and those who actually understand it is pretty big. Now, one couple from Utah is attempting the ultimate experiment to learn just what BitCoin is, and whether or not it really is a viable form of currency, or just a fad for hackers and drug dealers.

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Web Series Weds: ‘Malice’ Introduces a Not So ‘Wonderful’ Wonderland

There are two very familiar universes that seem to lend themselves to adaptation in countless, and seemingly unending, ways: The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland. There is just something about these incredibly detailed worlds that offer storytellers a myriad of ways to adapt and expand them. One thing is for sure, the worlds presented in these classic tales are the kind that can be viewed from many different perspectives; from the bright and fantastical world of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, to the dark and haunting tale presented in MALICE, a web series from creator Phil Cook, currently embarking on it’s third season.

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Web Series Weds: ‘Grayson: Earth One’ is Not Just for the Boys

There are a surprising number of Nightwing (or Bat-family) based web series out there, but few have approached the character from quite as unique and interesting a viewpoint as Grayson: Earth One, a new web series from writer/director Hisonni Johnson. GEO asks one very simple question: what if Dick Grayson had never been adopted by Batman?

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A New Kind of Internet Odd Couple: An Interview With the Cast and Creator of ‘Super Knocked Up’

Parenthood can be tough for anyone, especially people who end up that way unexpectedly, but what if you had the added challenge of super powers, a secret identity, and plans of world domination to get back to? That’s the question asked by the award winning web series Super Knocked Up, now in it’s second season.

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‘GUIDES’ Serves Up Comedy, Creativity, and Just a Little Social Commentary

You might remember all last year, everyone on the planet seemed to be counting down to one very specific date. For reasons most people didn’t understand, December 21, 2012 was a very important day. It was the day the world would end, as it had so perfectly been foretold millennia ago by the Maya, an extinct, but brilliant race of people from somewhere in South America? It was all very fuzzy, but the fact remained, their calendar ended on that day, and that meant, unequivocally, that it was the last day the sun would rise on this fair planet.

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Jeremy LaLonde Talks Internet Fundraising and ‘Sex After Kids’

There are plenty of movies out there about dating, about getting married, and about breaking up. What there aren’t, are a lot of movies about what comes next. How do you have a relationship, especially a sexual one, once the magic wears off, and you have to deal with screaming children? How do you keep the spark alive after your kids have grown, and moved out? And how do you date as a single parent? These are the kinds of questions asked and answered in Jeremy LaLonde’s new comedy, Sex After Kids (fitting title, no?).

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Frank J. Barbiere Gets Us In Touch With Five Ghosts

I recently got the chance to talk to one of my favorite comic writers Frank J. Barbiere about his latest story Five Ghosts from Image Comics. The first issue lands on your local comic book store’s shelves on March 20, 2013 and I desperately urge you to go pick it up. It is a great mix of action, adventure, and mystery mixed with a pulp style. The main character, Fabian Gray, is quite the leading man and his powers boast some awesome literary ties.

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Try ‘The White Suits’ On For Size: An Interview With Frank J. Barbiere

I recently had the chance to talk to writer Frank J. Barbiere who is the man behind the fascinating series The White Suits that premiered in Dark Horse Presents #11. Let me just tell you that he is one hell of a storyteller. If you’re looking for a mob drama that is soaked in not only blood but mystery as well, this is the story to check out. Read on to see Barbiere talk about his original series.

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