Web Series Wednesday: Andrew Duvall Talks To Us About ‘The Apartment’

The geek gods shined upon me this week when Andrew Duvall of Fangasm fame, took the time out of his schedule to talk to me about his new web series, The Apartment. Andrew is one of my favorite interns on Fangasm because of his geek pride and humorous outlook on life. He might be mad that he’s not captain of the Enterprise, but I am pretty positive we will be seeing his star rise and everyone will be saluting him.

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Web Series Wednesday: Get it in Gear With ‘Star Cars’

What do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scooby Doo, and James Bond all have in common? Is it their catchphrases? They’re dashing good looks? No. It’s their cars.

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Fashion Friday: An Interview With Miss Wendybird

After seeing Miss Wendybird’s Paperman cosplay shoot back in the Spring, I have been in awe of her work. She’s done every character from The Little Mermaid‘s  Ariel to BioShock Infinite‘s Elizabeth. So I was delighted to get the chance to talk to her about her love of cosplay.

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Tumbling Tuesday: An Interview with Mike Rosenthal from ‘Twitter: The Comic’

Well it is Tuesday and you know what that means…it is TUMBLING TUESDAY here at AGtM!This week we mix illustration with pop culture as we take a look at the Tumblr account Twitter: The Comic!

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Geek of the Week: Karen Hallion Puts the “Art” in “Fan-Art”

One giant part of fandom, as many will tell you, is the fan art. Whether it’s doodling in your notebooks at school, or creating masterpieces in your studio, the act of expressing your love of something through illustration has captivated geeks since the dawn of fandom.

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Web Series Weds: ‘Wrong Guys for the Job’ Puts You in Control

Do you remember being a kid and picking up a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book at the library (or bookstore if you were one of those kids)? That sense of power you felt when you could decide what happened to these characters you were reading about, instead of being forced to follow the same banal cause/effect narrative of so many lesser stories, only to have it ripped away when you excitedly turned to page 83 and discovered that your heroes could not, in fact, make that jump, and they had fallen down a large chasm (likely filled with an unspeakable horror). If you miss that feeling, but wish maybe it involved more comedy, and less traumatizing death, then maybe you’d like to check out this week’s Web Series Wednesday feature: The Wrong Guys for the Job.

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Two Chicks, One Show – Once Upon a Time “White Out”

Tricia and Kait discuss the second episode of Once Upon a Time’s fourth season. Did they warm up to the new Frozen storyline yet?

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Geek With A Mouth: An Interview With Indie Rapper, Adam WarRock

You’ve no doubt heard the pop-cultured laden raps of Adam WarRock if you’ve ever been anywhere on the internet. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you go to his page now ( and let some of his music play, while you read this interview. And then continue to listen to it. Trust me, you’ll love it. I look forward to every new song he puts out. The man is extremely talented and the cherry on top is that he left the lawyer world to pursue his passion, which I find to be truly inspiring. No offense to any practicing lawyers reading this!

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Fandom Ink: A Doctor And Some Maniacs

You know you are a serious geek when you get your love for a fandom etched into your skin. Fandom Ink is all about celebrating your geek ink and most importantly, finding out the story about why you got that tattoo! We here at Geeky ErrAU love a good story and awesome art, thus this new column that will be featuring awesome tattoos.

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An Interview with ‘Over Easy’ Author, Mimi Pond!

A couple weeks ago, I listed a new graphic novel on The Checklist titled Over Easy. This autobiographic tale of an art school drop out who becomes a diner waitress in the 70s was written and illustrated by Mimi Pond.

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