Fandom Ink: Deathly Hallows

You know you are a serious geek when you get your love for a fandom etched into your skin. Fandom Ink is all about celebrating your geek ink and most importantly, finding out the story about why you got that tattoo! We here at Geeky ErrAU love a good story and awesome art, thus this new column that will be featuring awesome tattoos.

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Getting to Know the Artist behind the Geeky Paintings of ‘Bear and Sper’

Sick of giving your Geeky friends gift cards or looking for some Geeky but classy and clean artwork to hang in your home, well I think I got just the Etsy shop for you! Bear and Sper is a little shop that offers geeks watercolor paintings of some of the most memorable symbols in fandoms.

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Our Nerd Home Spills The Paint On What It Is Like Being Geeky DIY-ers

You’ve seen the awesome and geeky projects from Our Nerd Home all over the web. And you’ve probably been in awe of them every time you noticed them and thought to yourself you could never recreate that in a million years. But fear not, the duo behind these crafts, Kat and Cam, are a lovely couple that make geeking out your home as easy as 1-2-3! Check out our interview below with them to find out how they got into geeky DIY and what some of their favorite projects have been!

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Web Series Wednesday: Grow Up Geek With ‘Comic Geeks’

Being a grown up geek is hard. If you’re a geek who has managed to survive past high school and college and out here into the terrifying world that is “adulthood,” you’ve got a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. Liking comics and TV shows and movies is just fine when you’re a kid, but once you pass a certain age, you’re suddenly very aware of the fact that not everyone enjoys these things to the extent that you do, and, especially at your work place, you get the feeling everyone thinks you’re immature because of it.

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Tumbling Tuesday: An Interview with ‘FanGirl Quest’

Well Happy Tumbling Tuesday! This week we have an awesome interview with the chicks behind FanGirl Quest.

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Logan Sekulow Talks to Us About His Magical Film, ‘As Dreamers Do’

 Geeky ErrAU: How long have you been a Disney fan? And what Disney related project started your deep appreciation for Walt Disney?

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The Ladies of Dirty Diamonds Talk To Us About Their All-Girl Comic Anthology

I first spotted Dirty Diamonds when it was mentioned on one of my favorite local sites, Geekadelphia. It hooked me in because it was created by two ladies from Philadelphia (Philly pride!), who wanted to have a creative outlet for women to share their comics or love of comics. I couldn’t stop myself from learning more about this project so I contacted the lovely duo, Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman, behind this all-girl comic anthology to learn more.

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Fashion Friday: An Interview With Danielle Ward of Little Petal

I’m glad that there are designers like Danielle Ward of Little Petal that want to push the envelope of geeky fashion, especially for women. True, there are tons of geeky fashion for women but compared to the guys selection, it really pales in comparison. Especially, when most women’s geeky inspired clothing usually involves hearts and sparkles.

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Geek Of The Week: Linda Rodriguez McRobbie Author of ‘Princesses Behaving Badly’

Who doesn’t like a bad girl? Especially one of noble birth!In Linda Rodriguez McRobbie’s new book, Princesses Behaving Badly (which is now available for purchase),you get a whole collection of kick-ass and rebellious ladies that aren’t chasing Happily Ever After!

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Philadelphia Based Performing Group Brought ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Episode to the Third Dimension!

In case you are new to this site – I, Kait Calabrò, am OBSESSED with Bob’s Burgers!I, as well as AGtM’s Monica Piluso and for a hot minute Tricia Ennis, live in the wonderful, historical, and f*!king beautiful city of Philadelphia! So when Philly based performing artist group – Creatures of the Nights – announced that they would be doing a month long production of the Bob’s Burgers season one classic, “Hamburg Dinner Theater,” I could not pass up the chance to see the performance.

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