Catherine Elhoffer Doesn’t Need to Set Her Phaser to Stun to Make You Love Her Designs

Catherine Elhoffer is the goddess behind the geeky clothes you’ve been drooling over. I’m not just saying that because her brain is always designing something breathtaking. She’s an absolute delight to talk to about anything and everything fandom related. We went into a million tangents during this interview because you can’t just mention Harry Potter or Marvel casually. She’s a strong supporter in positive body images and refuses to have any of her models photoshopped. She’s someone you wish was your best friend because she’s hilarious and will make you feel at ease even though she’s only just met you.

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Interview: Jill Marie Jones Was Born to Kick Ass on Ash vs Evil Dead

I recently got the chance to talk to Jill Marie Jones, who is the amazing actress that portrays Amanda Fisher on Starz’s Ash vs Evil Dead. A Michigan State Trooper that encounters the Deadites after Ash let’s them slip through into our world again. She’s new to the world created by Sam Raimi but as I learned from talking to her, she was more than thrilled to jump right in and get in on the action along side Bruce Campbell. Possibly even a little more than the iconic actor?

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These Felines are Taking Over The Cosplay World, One Ball of Yarn at a Time

If you have been on any type of social media account lately, you’ve most likely been treated with the crafty adorableness of Cat Cosplay. After following them on Twitter and Instagram for a bit, I decided to reach out to their human, Freyu, to learn about the cosplaying cats and what they are like to work with. Do they demand only the freshest tuna before their photo shoots? Can you not look them in the eyes? Are they planning to break the internet?

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INTERVIEW: ‘Carmilla’ Ups the Supernatural Ante for Transmedia Storytelling

Moving easily through the vein of shows like Buffy and Lost Girl, but with a video blog twist, Carmilla is an incredible addition to the world of web series.

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