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Get Ready To Own Funko Pop ‘Big Hero 6’ Figures!

Funko, I love you. Every figure you come out with is absolutely awesome.They will soon be rolling out figures for Marvel and Disney’s Big Hero 6. So be sure to pre-order them because these Pop figures will most likely fly off the shelves. We are approaching the holiday season and Big Hero 6 will be the name of every kid’s lips.

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James Gunn Has A Challenge For All ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ Fans!

Who knows, maybe the tree you plant will be the next Groot. But even if it isn’t, this challenge is a win-win for mother nature.

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The Geeks That Ruled Over the Kingdom in 2014

These are the geeks that made 2014 their b*tch and we decided they deserved some recognition for that. They were so passionate in their lives, they made an impact on ours, whether it be speaking out on a topic or bringing entertainment.

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‘Mockingjay’ Cast Unites in a PSA for the Ebola Survival Fund

Remember when everyone was worried about an Ebola outbreak in America then right after mid-term elections no one talked about Ebola…odd right? Any who that is a different story, but Ebola is still a huge problem in other parts of the world, namely West Africa. Well some members of the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 got together to shine light on the Ebola outbreak in a new PSA for the Ebola Survival Fund, watch below:

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Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014!

Another day closer to 2015 so another list looking back at 2014!This list is dedicated to the fictional characters that have made us cry, laugh, fall in and out of love, and influenced the world throughout this year. From the Doctor to the Queen of Arendelle there is a wide range of characters that have left a stamp on the world, find out who made our list below…

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Geek Approved Books from 2014!

Well it is that time of year where every website releases their “Best of” lists, so duh so are we! Over the next couple days leading up to 2015 we will be releasing our custom list for our lovely readers.

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Okay, Let’s Talk about Maisie Williams’ “First-World Feminism” Comment

Maisie Williams, the 17-year old actress best known for her role of Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, made a couple comments this week regarding feminism during a press run for her new drama Cyber Bully. Of course Williams interview with The Guardian and specially her “first-world feminism” comment spread across the internet like wild fire. In case you have not seen the quote here it is:

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“Confusing, right?” SNL Nails How Woman are Portrayed in Male Comedies

SNL and the brilliant Cecily Strong took on the stereotypical female character in a “male driven comedy.” During Weekend Update, in the December 13 episode of the show, Colin Jost reports that in a 2014 study “women still remain grossly unrepresented when it comes to major film roles.” Not really too surprised by this fact, SNL decided to take this topic one step further when they had Cecily Strong roll in as “A One-Dimensional Female Character From A Male Driven Comedy,” named Heather from work. Strong is rocking glasses and bangs (duh) but once she takes off those glasses you might notice her. She also informs Jost that even though she has a body of a girl who eats salads, she loves beer, wings, and burgers. Watch the full clip below:

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This Harry Potter LARP Takes Place In An Actual Castle

I’ve never LARP’d before, but holy flying brooms would I LARP the heck out of this! There is an actual College of Wizardry in Czocha, Poland, in a real castle. Not a studio set or theme park creation. An actual freaking castle. Okay, they don’t actually teach you any magic (or do they?) but they strive to give you the very best Harry Potter experience possible. And that’s any Potterhead’s dream. Admit it, you wanted to go to Hogwarts. I’m not the only one pissed I never received my acceptance letter by owl.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Geeky Books and Comics!

Nothing helps someone get through the cold and dark winter than a good book or comic series! So give the Belle or Stan in your life something to keep them warm at night with this collection of perfect geek approved books and comics for the holiday season! Remember knowledge is power, so reading is like a superpower!

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