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Watch All of Evolutionary History in 2-minutes

Looking for a way to feel insignificant this afternoon? Check out this video from AsapSCIENCE that stuffs all of evolutionary history into one 24-hour period, and then shortens that into a tiny two-minute video. Oh, and it’s made with clay.

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Enjoy This Little Ditty to Support NASA

The folks over at Cinesaurus created a fun song and video in support of NASA and everything they are doing from here on Earth all the way to Mars. The video “Cool Things To Find” is about the discoveries NASA can make but are in jeopardy due to the government cutting their budget.

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Two Chicks, One Show – Outlander, Episode 16 (Season Finale)

Kait and Tricia discuss the season 1 finale of ‘Outlander’ and the set up for season 2. With all the difficult moments, what does it mean for Jamie and Claire’s future?

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Why you Should Wait to Buy Into the Xbox One/PS4 Market

We are in a very exciting time for video games right now, with Microsoft and Sony putting out the Xbox One and the PS4. Everything is new, and flashy, and there’s all the promises of things being better than ever for video games and other entertainment with the new consoles. With all the excitement around these consoles you just have to go out and buy one right? Wrong.

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NASA Launches Newest Mars Probe [UPDATED]

NASA is launching their newest Mars exploration this afternoon, and we’ll have all their live coverage right here.

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Is This a Fossilized Iguana … On Mars?!

A UFO hunter claims he has found proof of life on Mars. Well, fossilized, reptile proof anyway.Identified as UFO HuntingClouds on Youtube, the enthusiast uploaded the above video to the video sharing service last week, showing an image from NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. S/He claims it shows a fossilized iguana among the rocks.

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Are You As Strong As Your Video Game Character?

When playing a video game, I never really stop and question how much my character is carrying. Especially when I’m playing a survival type game, because in that situation, I want all the weapons possible to keep me from getting eaten by zombies or clickers. But Jake Roper of Vsauce decided he wanted to figure out how much his Grand Theft Auto V character was actually packing. Watch the video above to see Jake break down physics in video games. It’s pretty interesting besides the part where he trails off at the end about the weight of memories…

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Valve Announces the Steam Controller

A week of news on Valve’s home console comes to a close with one final announcement, though this last one is a bit underwhelming, as Valve announces the Steam Controller. The controller itself is well … let’s just say its different. Let’s rewind a bit first though…

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LIVE STREAM: Watch Tesla Finally Get a Monument in New York

Nicola Tesla is finally getting the recognition he deserves. The father of alternating current will be getting his very own monument this morning, fittingly placed at the future site of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

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Students Build Nano-scope Out of Legos, Make Your Childhood Look Lame

In another moment that proves some students are smarter than many of us could ever hope to be, a group of them from the University College London, Tsinghua University, and Peking University all came together recently to build the world’s first low-cost atomic force microscope (nano-scope) out of everyone’s favorite childhood toy, Legos.

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