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The Many Little Things of iOS 10

Apple’s WWDC was earlier this week with a strong focus on the latest version of their mobile operating system called, predictably, iOS 10. I guess they didn’t call it iOSX because X’s aren’t cool anymore? I’m old now and out of touch, so I have no idea. Either way, iOS 10 is here so let’s talk about all the little new things that the operating system has to offer.

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Virtual Therapy: How This Innovative Technology Works

Virtual reality (VR) may seem like a 21st century technology, but it’s really not. As early as the 1970s, the military used flight simulators to train their pilots — though the graphics were about as advanced as you’d expect of the time.

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Electromagnet Captain America Shield in Action

YouTube channel, The Hacksmith, makes it a habit to create real life versions of comic book and movie weapons. This time they took on Cap’s shield! Not just any incarnation made of metal but one that works with an electromagnet arm brace like in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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NASA’s Kepler Mission Has Discovered Over a Thousand Planets

Well, NASA just reminded us how massive the universe is…Earlier today NASA announced that their Kepler mission verified 1,284 planets. Since the planets aren’t in our solar system, your kids or future kids won’t have to memorize over a thousand planets. Could you imagine the tricks you would have to come up with to remember them all? Yikes.

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Facebook’s F8 2016 Keynote Recap

Facebook had it’s F8 Keynote Conference yesterday for developers. The conference featured a lot of really interesting ideas for the future including some news about their VR ventures with Oculus VR.

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Stephen Hawking And Breakthrough Starshot Aim for the Stars

Stephen Hawking has made a huge announcement today on his Facebook page about the future of space travel. At World One Observatory in New York City, Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking, with the help of Mark Zuckerberg who has joined the board of the initiative called Breakthrough Starshot, have launched a mission to the stars.

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Facebook Messenger Platform & Live API Announced

Facebook announced a bunch of plans for their future at their F8 Conference Keynote this morning, including a Facebook Live API and a new Facebook Messenger Platform. 

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Watch Mad Science Thermite Cannon in Action

Colin Furze created a thermite cannon. A cannon out of thermite. One more time: A THERMITE CANNON.Colin Furze is a Youtuber from the other side of the pond who is pushing himself as the mad scientist type. He’s created wolverine claws that can do serious damage and magnetic boots that allowed him to walk on the ceiling. He has plenty of crazy inventions over on his Youtube channel.

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The Tesla Model 3 Has Been Revealed

While I’m certainly not cool enough to be at the Tesla Model 3 reveal event in person, I get to join the hype train with you at home! Luckily, Elon Musk likes his events short and sweet. He went through the details of Tesla’s mission, namely to reduce emissions and essentially improve the world (while making a ton of money of course). He went through some of the product details to create even more hype then showed us the car!

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Your Galaxy Note 7 Might Explode, So What Now?

As you probably know by now, Samsung has stopped selling the Note 7 completely and you never know which one will explode next. If you have one then it’s time to fork it over. Samsung is issuing refunds so I can’t imagine the process will be very difficult. They need to make it easy to not have anyone sue them and really put a lid on this fire before it gets worse.

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