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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Has Arrived

After what seems like forever, there are finally new iPhones on the market: the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus.

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Lenovo Yoga Book Pushes Tablets In A New Direction

Lenovo showed off a bunch of new laptops and tablets at this year’s IFA, including its Lenovo Yoga 900 series (now Lenovo 910), but one took the show with it’s the unique design that blurs the line between laptop and tablet more than ever — the Lenovo Yoga Book.

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This Is The Tractor Iron Man Would Use

Autonomous vehicles aren’t just about getting a little man in a tie from his bed to his desk job.  It’s about making life easier for people and hopefully finding a way to look stylish in the process. It doesn’t get more stylish than this mean mug of a tractor called the Autonomous Concept Vehicle.

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I Know You Want To See The SpaceX Explosion

When there’s an explosion in the news you know you have to see it for yourself. So here it is:SpaceX’s Falcon Rocket exploded in Cape Canaveral today. The rocket was carrying Mark Zuckerberg’s $95 million satellite that would bring internet to the poor parts of the world. Admittedly, less people having Facebook and learning about their cousin’s racist habits is probably a good thing but nonetheless it’s disappointing to see SpaceX fail in any sense. This certainly won’t be the end for SpaceX but credibility could take a hit.

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Bill Nye and Netflix in 2017

Bill Nye is bringing his Science Guy charm to Netflix in 2017 with a new show that will aim to refute false claims from “politicians, religious leaders and titans of industry” on major important subjects such as climate change.

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NASA Unveils New Badge for ISS National Lab Featuring Rocket Racoon and Groot

How freaking cute is this?! NASA, CASIS (The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space), and Marvel Customs teamed up for an official badge that features Rocket Racoon and Groot! This isn’t just some random promotional image. Staff members of the International Space Stations’ National Laboratory will receive these badges to proudly display on their uniforms.

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Bluetooth 5 Will Have 4x Range, 2x Speed

Bluetooth 5 is coming and it will be formally announced next week.Bluetooth Special Interest Group executive director Mark Powell has revealed the news and is saying it will be a significant upgrade over the current version of the wireless standard. The next iteration will offer double the speed and 4 times the range! It will also offer much more support for connectionless services like beacons that can help navigation inside of buildings, not to mention out in the open.

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