E3 2014 EA Press Conference Overview: Unfinished Games and Sports

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The EA media briefing for EA 2014 was different to say the least, but aside from most of the normal fare they didn’t really show anything that you will see anytime soon. To start off, so I can save you a bunch of time, here’s a quick summary of the normal: there’s a whole new line up of sports this year which include Madden, PGA, FIFA, NHL, and UFC. So, now that’s all out of the way lets get to the other stuff.

They kicked off the show with Star Wars: Battlefront, a surprising choice. The video included pre-alpha game footage and a look at the studio working on the game. The studio itself has gone into the Lucas archives and is returning to all the old filming locations just to make sure that every part of Battlefront is just right.

Next came Bioware with several things to show for EA. First off was Dragon Age: Inquisition which was also shown during the Microsoft show. Between both shows we got gameplay and some cinematic trailers, both of which are winning people over. The gameplay looks to be similar to another series, Dragon’s Dogma, mixed with several Dragon Age elements. After that came footage for the new Mass Effect. Although no actual gameplay was shown, the early concept work looks gorgeous and the game is sure to bring back fans of the series and make new ones along the way. Finally there were hints of a new IP and teaser images here and there, but nothing much else was announced, including a name.

Next is favorite to many, hated by the rest: Sims 4. We got a look at gameplay and in game functions/interacting with your fellow Sims, and it’s very much a Sims game. Everything looks exactly the way you would want, especially if you are a fan, and the customization element is the most expansive it has ever been. A guy even laughed himself to death and there is a Sim that looks much like our president.

Criterion Games, the studio behind Burnout, is bringing a new untitled game that features, not cars, but almost every other mobile vehicle and dare devil stunt. Not much else is known about the game at this time.

Something for the MOBA community is Dawngate. It’s a MOBA game being made by MOBA fans according to their trailer. It takes all the best parts of a MOBA apparently and simplifies it. If I had a dollar for every time I heard something like that about a new MOBA … I would probably have roughly $12.

The much loved Mirror’s Edge was shown only in a very pre-alpha stage. At this point, it looks almost like the original game, and there’s not much else to say at this time.

To wrap things up, EA showed off a cops and robber multiplayer for the new Battlefield: Hardline. The multiplayer mode revolves around one team robbing an armored vehicle while the other team of police trying to stop you every step of the way. The game looks good and is a nice step away from military shooters.

Sadly there’s aren’t too many elaborate things to say about EA, because most of what they showed probably won’t be out until 2015, 2016, and maybe even 2017. Keep following along as more of E3 2014 is covered throughout the week!

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