E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Overview: Games, Games, and More Games

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E3 2014 week kicked off with the Microsoft media briefing for upcoming plans for the Xbox and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said it was only going to be about games and he sure wasn’t kidding. This E3 we are seeing a new and improved Microsoft showing with little to no mention of what apps, television, or sports were going to come to your console. The internet was thrilled and has been booming about what Microsoft had shown earlier today so lets go over everything there is to talk about.

To kick things off they started by showing the “most successful multiplayer franchise on Xbox”: the next entry of Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Everything that was shown was based around the single player campaign, which didn’t have any Kevin Spacey sadly. It sure didn’t look like a Call of Duty game, but lets be honest, the single player and multiplayer of Call of Duty never look much alike. They closed the showing announcing that, once again, Xbox would receive all Call of Duty DLC first before any other platform.

Following all the guns, we have cars, but not just any cars. They are Forza cars. They announced free DLC for the current entry Forza 5 and then revealed the sequel to the other Forza series of Forza: Horizon 2. As usual everything about Forza still looked pretty which is no surprise. Also it was added that some of your multiplayer data such as your Forza 5 “drivatar” would be carried to Forza: Horizon 2.

Something much more new and exciting comes Evolve, the new title from Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rocks. This trailer shows off more of each of the different classes, and shows a new boss creature for the game that everyone is dubbing “Cthulhu”. Granted it is a giant looking octopus monster so it fits, but I’m just excited to play as him and tear apart the players playing as the hunters.

After Evolve came Assassin’s Creed Unity, but I will save that for my discussion on the Ubisoft media briefing. After that we had Dragon Age: Inquisition which I will save for the EA media briefing likewise.

Moving along we have Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive being brought to you by Insomniac the same guys that brought you Ratchet & Clank and Resistance. The game itself looks like a shooter parody that you accumulate a score to in an almost Tony Hawk Pro Skater fashion but instead of a skateboard you have crazy guns. The game itself is colorful and vibrant and being the non Xbox One owner I am makes me very jealous.

Nothing major but Capcom is releasing a Street Fighter parody DLC for Dead Rising 3 that’s as obnoxious as its name. You should look it up because you wouldn’t believe me if I put it on here.

Kinect games were very brief, and I mean maybe 5 minutes brief. There was just talk of the new Disney Fantasia and that the new Dance Central game coming out would be download only.

Now onto another big Xbox franchise: the new Fable Legends. The game is very focused on its four player co-op and looks like a great time to have with friends. There is also a fifth player that can join in the fray as the villain dungeon master giving the other four players a rough time the entire way through. Not much was explained on single player or story which is what the Fable franchise is very much known for.

The first big indie game shown this year is one that looks like an instant gem among indie games. Ori and the Blind Forest shows what seems to be a 2D/3D puzzle platformer with a sad story to go along with it. Just going by the art of the game you wouldn’t have been able to tell, since most seems very bright and charming.

Going back to signature Xbox franchises there was more Halo than you could stuff into a covenant starship. The biggest reveal of all the Halo news comes the Halo Master Chief Collection which includes Halos 1-4 all on one disc with all DLC for Xbox One. Like Halo 1, Halo 2 is getting the HD re work and touch ups to bring it up to date and on par with the looks of  Halo 3 and Halo 4. Some interesting things that were mentioned is that because all these games are linked into one game there is actually the possibility to mix single player campaigns and multiplayer match ups from all four games while you are playing. Another teaser was shown for Halo 5 showing a new character but not much else.

There was a hefty grouping of indie titles shown in one swoop at the show as well. However right before the big grouping a new title from the creators of indie game gone game of the year Limbo have a new game coming out called Inside. The game shares a dark tone that Limbo had and will launch first on Xbox One before hitting other platforms. Other indie titles that were briefly shown just to name a few that are coming to Xbox One are Mighty No. 9, Earthlock, Plague Inc, Cuphead, and many others.

A world premiere reveal of the new Tomb Raider game Rise of The Tomb Raider was shown in the form of a couple minute long CG trailer. The trailer shows a still very young Lara Coft meeting with a shrink as she appears to be going in a downward spiral due to the events of the first Tomb Raider game. The game looks just as dark and gritty as the first one, but aside from that not much was shown.

New gameplay footage was shown for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt showing just how much more good looking the series can get. It also showed the main character Geralt looking almost younger, which is odd, since it takes place after the other two games. Gameplay that was shown was a mission based off of hunting a giant griffon and they took this opportunity to show off one particular feature. While working on one quest, you can access others, but only while working on that particular main quest.

After bringing back Killer Instinct, Microsoft is bringing back another game and original Xbox IP called Phantom Dust. I personally know nothing about the game, or why this is a good thing, but it’s a thing.

Gameplay was shown for Tom Clancy’s: The Division. I’ll discuss it on my talks of Ubisoft.

Another new IP called Scalebound was revealed also, in the form of a CG trailer. There’s not much that can be gathered on what the game is about or what type of game it is just by the trailer sadly. All I can tell you is that you are a modern looking youngster in what appears to be a jurassic like time period and you are fighting big monsters, like EDM, and have some kind of super powers.

The finale of the conference wrapped up with the reveal of yet another Xbox staple: Crackdown. The series seems to be getting a reboot being that the new game is called Crackdown. The series seems to be keeping all the things that make it a cult classically loved game.

So, overall, a very good conference. I could have done with more gameplay footage for games than all of the CG trailers that were shown. All the indies look good, and aside from the ones I actually know of I’m curious to know which of those games will be only on Xbox. Follow along with all of the E3 stories I’ll be posting as they come along!

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