E3 2014 Sony Press Conference Overview: For the Gamers

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Wrapping up the Monday media briefings was Sony, and it was a big one. Due to the large amount of content that was shown I’m going to break the media briefing down to simplify it.

First and foremost, let’s start with what games were shown. The show opened with gameplay footage from upcoming Bungie game Destiny, some of it new and some old. The game – not far too far off – is looking primed and ready for launch for all of the multiplayer fun it is sure to bring. Sony seems to be going all-in with Destiny, since there is a bundle of Sony-exclusive content coming to its PS3 and PS4 versions.

Next up was The Order: 1886 and it looks amazing. Just a couple weeks ago, a trailer was released and it looked like it had much more work to do. However, this looked like a much better game this time around. The new trailer also showed off the werewolves for the first time and they are some gnarly looking creatures. Also the game’s seamless transition between cinematic scenes and gameplay barely has a difference in how the game looks, making it a visually great looking game.

Following that was a brief showing of a new indie game called Entwined. It’s a beautiful track runner where you play as two papercraft animals, and the game is made by a fresh new studio of college students. The big reveal was that it also released the same day it was announced, so go get it!

Some DLC was revealed for inFamous: Second Son that has you playing as the game’s character, Fetch. The DLC titled inFamous: First Light puts you in the shoes of Fetch for what appears to be prequel material, but isn’t totally clear. You do not need to own Second Son to play it, but you will get exclusive content if you do own it.

Little Big Planet 3 was a sudden surprise that no one saw coming. The transition was so sudden and unexpected that audentce members didn’t know how to react: one second the stage was dark and then suddenly – BOOM! – four people were playing a level from the new Little Big Planet. The game looks much like previous Little Big Planet gamesalso introduces three new characters you can play as for when you get sick of  Sackboy.

A CG reveal trailer for the new game that From Software is making was revealed as Bloodborne. Nothing much of the actual gameplay was shown, but it seems to be on the similar dark tone of other games that  are released by From Software.

A few minutes of gameplay footage was also shown for Far Cry 4. Ubisoft seems to be taking all of the best aspects of Far Cry 3 and building on top of what made it such a great game. Gameplay showed off new things, such as being able to use flight suits and being able to play co-op in your single player game. A big reveal was that anyone can play Far Cry 4 multiplayer with a friend even if you don’t own the game as long as your friend does.

Developer Deep Silver came in with another surprise announcement in the form of a rather humorous CG trailer for Dead Island 2. The trailer was the total opposite tone of what the first Dead Island game reveal trailer showed, which stands as one of the most depressing and sad trailers of all time. This could probably be one of the happiest and upbeat ones I’ve ever seen, so it will be interesting to find out if the game itself will match that tone.

A brief showing for Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition is that Blizzard is making an exclusive dungeon for the PS3 and PS4 versions that are based around Playstation-exclusive Last of Us. Speaking of Last of Us, the PS4 version was revealed to be coming out on July 29th.

A good grouping of indie games were also shown one after another, many of which were first reveals. To start was Magicka 2, the sequel to the love-or-hate PC dungeon crawler Magicka. Next up was a remake of Double Fine PC adventure Grim Fandango as a collaboration between Double Fine and Disney. Following that was Suda51’s new game, Let it Die, which looks very multiplayer focused. The new game from Giant Squid is a collaboration of the all the big names that made Journey. It’s called ANZU, it is a very vibrant and beautiful looking underwater game. Then, finally, came the debut gameplay of No Man’s Sky which looks as massive and open as they talk about and I hope to see more very soon.

Following the indie games came more big budget title showings, starting with first gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat X. The game was interesting in that it does not look too much different than the cinematic trailer that was released. The fact that it’s to be a 2015 game and it already looks so good is a great thing for the game.

Another re-release for Sony fans is that the original Ratchet & Clank is being rebuilt from the ground up to be released on the PS4. Nothing was shown for it, however, and it was only briefly mentioned.

A lot of cinematic footage was shown off for the new Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain. The game looks like it’s very adult-oriented, opening with an interesting scene of Snake rubbing the ashes of someone on his face, as well as multiple scenes of him bloody and battered.

A quick no-surprise reveal which is that Grand Theft Auto 5 is heading to PS4.

A debut gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was shown, and it makes you want it badly. They did show off gameplay of driving the Batmobile, and you can just plow through things to traverse. The city of Gotham looks much like Tim Burton’s imagining of the city as well, which makes it that much better to look at. It also revealed a very disfigured and disturbing looking Scarecrow who appears to be the main bad guy in this one.

The final game that was shown as a closer was Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The trailer shows a mildly older Nathan Drake making a return and if the name of the game says anything its that it could be the last of Nathan Drake we may ever see. The trailer was CG only so nothing about gameplay to talk about at this time.

So although that was all for the games, Sony had a few more things to show for gamers that includes hardware, gaming programs, and TV/movies. However, all the movies and TV mentioned were they were geek oriented which was a nice thing to see.

The first Playstation exclusive show that was announced is a series called Powers which is based off of the graphic novel of the same name. If you are unaware of Powers, the series is based around a investigative unit that works on crimes that involve super heroes. The entire series will be free to watch if you are a Playstation Plus member. The other major thing that was shown is the first big trailer for the Ratchet & Clank movie which looks like it will be true to the game franchise.

The hardware that was shown was pretty great. First of all, Project Morpheus, the Sony virtual reality head set is coming to PS4. No gameplay for anything was shown, however, they made conference goers aware that it is something they are committed to. The big hardware reveal is that Playstation TV is coming to North America and Canada. Originally revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2013 as Vita TV, the $99 console allows you to stream your PS4 content to another TV and play Vita games on your TV.

The last thing to speak of from the conference is a bit of an update on the Playstation Now program. Sony announced an open beta for all PS4 users to be released July 31st. The open beta by the time it is out will have at least 100 games on it. No talk of what the pricing is going to be, since it appears Sony wants to use this open beta to gauge pricing based on fan feedback. Also, YouTube comes to PS4 this fall!

Sony had a large conference and there was a lot to take in, but I hope it was to your liking. There’s still much to take in from E3 2014 so make sure you follow along as the stories are put out!

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