Enjoy This Little Ditty to Support NASA

by / No Comments / 17 View / April 26, 2017

The folks over at Cinesaurus created a fun song and video in support of NASA and everything they are doing from here on Earth all the way to Mars. The video “Cool Things To Find” is about the discoveries NASA can make but are in jeopardy due to the government cutting their budget.

They hope that their viewers will write to their state’s senator in support of NASA after getting sucked in by a multitude of dancing characters that include a Dalek, the Twinkie mascot, a curious cat, and a Facehugger.

Honestly, how can these characters not suck you in? Well the Facehugger wants to do the opposite and suck on you because that is basically it’s entire life goal…

Just enjoy the video and geek out.

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