Fifty Shades Author to Release a Christian Grey POV Book.

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Is the world ready for more Christian Grey? Doesn’t matter cause we are getting it anyway!

By now we all know that the series, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, is Twilight fanfiction. Well James took things to the next level, a level that not even Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, went to.

This week James announced that she will be releasing Grey, a retelling of the events of Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian’s point of view. The book will be released Thursday, June 18th – on Christian Grey’s birthday.

Here is what James had to say about the decision to share Christian’s side of the story:

Christian is a complex character, and readers have always been fascinated by his desires and motivations and his troubled past. Also, as anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story. It’s been a great pleasure to return to my happy place — writing, being with Christian and Ana in their universe, and working with the fantastic team at Vintage.

Grey will be published in both ebook and paperback formats by Vintage Books. Here is what James’ editor Anne Messitte said about the new novel:

Fifty Shades of Grey is a love story that has enthralled readers in a way that few books have, and when Erika mentioned to me that she wanted to explore Christian’s viewpoint and re-open the story, I was incredibly excited for her and for her readers. This book has all the compelling attributes of its predecessors, and I can’t wait for Fifty Shades fans to experience the work again from a perspective they have long desired.

So Fifty Shades fans, do you think this is something that was necessary? I know I am too curious not the read the book but I could also live another day without it.

Hey Stephenie Meyer where is our Edward Cullen retelling?

Grey will hit bookstores on Thursday, June 18.

 Fifty Shades Darker will hit theaters February 2017.

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