NASA Launches Newest Mars Probe [UPDATED]

by / No Comments / 6 View / April 26, 2017

NASA is launching their newest Mars exploration this afternoon, and we’ll have all their live coverage right here.

MAVEN is a robotic scout whose mission is to solve the mystery of the Red Planet’s drastic climate change. Evidence suggests that Mars once looked a lot like Earth, so what happened to turn it into the barren planet it is now?

The launch window starts at 1:28pm Monday, November 18th, and will last two hours. You’ll be able to watch all the live coverage from NASA – starting at 11am – with the video player below.

UPDATE: MAVEN lifted off successfully. Check out the video of the launch below.

It will take 10 months for MAVEN to reach Mars, and it will circle the planet for a year at an orbit ranging from 78 to 3,864 miles above the surface.

NASA scientists hope this will give further insight into planetary changes, and possibly into whether or not the planet was ever able to support life.

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