New Entry of Guilty Pleasure Series Samurai Warriors Comes to the West

by / No Comments / 5 View / April 26, 2017

Oh Tecmo Koei, and your series rehash, you are so… so… so great. Yes, Samurai Warriors returns to the the west this year with the latest entry into the series, Samurai Warriors 4. If you are familiar with Dynasty Warriors and you like those games then you will like these, since they are almost mirror images of one another. The only difference is Samurai Warriors takes place in ancient feudal Japan instead of China.

The game will feature both past and new characters to the series for you to use as an army of one against thousands of enemy soldiers. Other features of the game for the port have yet to be announced, so it’s unknown what will actually be included with this version of the game. If you think about picking it up I recommend playing it with the Japanese voice over, and not the English it’s never very good.


SOURCE: Polygon


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