Ryan Murphy Spills an ‘American Horror Story’ Secret Season and Connections Between Seasons

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Ryan Murphy Spills an ‘American Horror Story’ Secret Season and Connections Between Seasons

Season 6 of American Horror Story is only two episodes in and Ryan Murphy has already divulged in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he and one other writer have been working on a secret season of AHS. That’s a lot of secret keeping seeing as he kept the theme of this season under wraps. This secret season has been in the works for two years and hasn’t yet been completed. Murphy said that this side project will still be worked on, on the sly. Although I feel it will be tough to work on this without anyone noticing seeing as people will most likely be stalking him for any tidbit on this mysterious season.

The structure for this secret season is different as only one writer will be working on it and Murphy explains that he “doesn’t know if it’s going to work” but they are going to try to shoot the episodes without telling anybody.

We might get them done and shoot them on the sly and drop it.

A lot of artists seem to be going this route of just randomly dropping a new project and I’m kind of on board with this. It makes it like receiving a surprise gift. But could possibly mentioning this secret season mean that it ruins the chances of it ever happening? Especially if fans will most likely be theorizing the hell out of what the theme of the secret season will be? Fans did have an idea that this current season of AHS would focus on Roanoke due to spotting the filming of the current season. Or maybe Murphy and the writer will use that speculation to fuel their mysterious plot.

But let’s switch to another AHS topic. This season has a major connection to a famous family within the AHS mythology, the Motts. You probably remember good old Dandy Mott, the pretty rich boy who befriended the clown, was obsessed with the conjoined twins and murdered the entire freak show for telling him he wasn’t talented. In the same interview with EW, Murphy said Roanoke will explore the Mott family history.

“We explain how the Motts began, which is funny,” Murphy said.

This isn’t the only connection as the show has already tied back to season 1 by showing the Pig Man that was brought up. Murphy also assured fans that we will be seeing other AHS alums soon, but I personally am dying for the return of Evan Peters. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say dying when American Horror Story is involved.

So how are you feeling about this current season of AHS? The first episode was boring but the second really upped the terror. I was actually afraid to be home alone for a little while. But the ghost story tv premise is annoying me a bit. It throws me out of the Roanoke story when it’s being retold to me.

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