The Geeks That Ruled Over the Kingdom in 2014

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These are the geeks that made 2014 their b*tch and we decided they deserved some recognition for that. They were so passionate in their lives, they made an impact on ours, whether it be speaking out on a topic or bringing entertainment.

They are in no particular order.

Anita Sarkeesan

She is the voice behind Feminist Frequency and Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Sarkeesan has been speaking on the subject of how women are treated in video games for years but this past year has had her name everywhere with the infamous GamerGate where’s she’s been the subject of vicious attacks just for being a woman speaking on video games. But her conviction to create awareness in the gaming community about how games can portray women more realistically has kept her from running and hiding from vile internet trolls.

Dr. Matt Taylor

He was the project scientist for the Rosetta mission that landed the first spacecraft on a comet nucleus, Comet 67-P. It was also the first spacecraft to fly close to Jupiter’s orbit using solar cells. Dr. Taylor might of had a mishap in wearing a questionable shirt during the televised update about Rosetta, but apologized profusely for it, which caused supporters of him to start a Kickstarter in response as a gift. But Dr. Taylor requested the money raised go to UNAWE because further scientific research is his ambition.

Grace Helbig

She’s been cracking folks up on the web for a few years now, with her channels DailyGrace and itsGrace but 2014 blew up for her. She relaunched itsGrace as her main independent YouTube channel, partnered with Fullscreen, had the movie Camp Takota come out, hosted the Streamy Awards, launched the podcast, Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, and released the book, Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up. There’s a ton more but we would be here all day listing them!

Peter Capaldi

The man fulfilled his lifelong dream of being the Doctor!!! How could you not consider that a winning year? And as much as people were worried that fans wouldn’t flock to an older Doctor, he proved the Doctor, no matter what he looks like, will always attract people with his crazy magnetic personality. If Capaldi has it his way, I don’t think he’ll ever give up the role.


Kelly Sue DeConnick

She’s a powerhouse in the comics world. Just ask anyone and they can most likely name a series that DeConnick has touched and made gold. But it was her portrayal of Captain Marvel that had people singing her praises and reminding people that Captain Marvel deserved some attention, which Marvel jumped on and decided to add her to their movie line-up. This wasn’t her only big comic series! Her Pretty Deadly series got nominated for an Eisner. Here’s to hoping we get to read many more amazing works from her in 2015.

Markiplier aka Mark Fishbach

He might only be known to the YouTube community, but he’s one of those YouTube celebrities that you only want to see get bigger and better. He started charming folks with his charismatic personality and hilarious shrieks as he played video games and has gone on to not only create more for his channel but even starring in various other YouTubers videos. But the icing on the cake about Markiplier is that he genuinely cares about his subscribers and even cares about using his name to make a positive impact in the world by constantly hosting charity livestreams to give to different charities. And that’s why we love him.

Sana Amanat

Let’s just start off by saying we hear at the site are pretty envious of Sana and her career. This lady is an Editor at Marvel Entertainment and can be thanked for some pretty amazing moves in their catalogue. Remember Miles Morales, the African-American and Latino Spider-Man? Thank Sana for that! Captain Marvel getting back on the scene? Sana made that happen. But her biggest triumph at Marvel? She created the first solo series to feature a Muslim female superhero, Ms. Marvel. Yeah, Sana is pretty darn awesome.

Pierce Brown

Have you read Red Rising? Go do that and you’ll realize why this man is on our list (as well as thank us). Plus, it helps that the man is pretty geeky himself. I think he’s more excited to go to conventions than we are! The book amazed his publishers so much that they gave him a three book deal so no one else would scoop him up. And that deal paid off because Red Rising has already been purchased by Universal Pictures to be made into a movie. Go, Pierce!

Nicole Perlman

Your favorite movie of the summer was Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Well you can thank Nicole Perlman for that. The science-fiction loving nerd, plucked the Guardians out of Marvel’s catalogue during her stint in their Marvel writing program years ago to see what could eventually be made into a movie. She researched and constantly worked on the project for two years. And her love for this wacky team of heroes for the Marvel universe was eventually picked to be a movie and handed over to James Gunn to rewrite and direct. While she only has a small credit on the movie now, she’s only one of two women to be credited with writing a Marvel movie script.

Stephen Colbert

The legendary host of the political savvy and hilarious, The Colbert Report, ended his show recently but did it with style. The conservative superhero was whisked away into eternity, as he held his Captain America shield and wielded Sting, by Santa Claus, unicorn Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek, after defeating the Grim Reaper aka Grimmy. But this was all due to the announcement earlier this year that he would be taking over for David Letterman in the late night talk show world.


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