Valve Announces the Steam Controller

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A week of news on Valve’s home console comes to a close with one final announcement, though this last one is a bit underwhelming, as Valve announces the Steam Controller. The controller itself is well … let’s just say its different. Let’s rewind a bit first though…

On Monday, we received the first piece of news as Valve announced their Linux-based operating system SteamOS. The OS will be optimized for gaming for the Steam client, but on a living room console platform. Go here to read the full story on SteamOS. Next, Valve finally announced its ‘Steam Box’ on Wednesday, though they’ve dubbed the console the Steam Machine. For more on that announcement, go here.

Fast forward to today, Valve announced the Steam controller for its console. Before I get into why it’s different, let’s just stop and look at it together for a moment shall we.

Valve Announces the Steam Controller

Okay, now that you’ve had time to take it in, let’s go over what I find odd about it. To start … dude where’s my thumb sticks? This controller has no sticks of any kind to play this game instead the sticks are swapped out for two touch track pads that similar to what is on a laptop. Next, why are in the world are the four buttons in the middle of the controller? I seriously can’t fathom where an engineer for this controller came into a room, showed that, and a room of people agreed that it was a good idea, because it just doesn’t look functional. The controller, from what I can tell, has triggers and what appears to be a touch menu/home screen button in the middle, so that’s what I can find normal about it. What intrigues me most is that it looks like an owl, and don’t try to tell me I’m wrong.

Overall, no one can be totally surprised that this controller is so out there, this is Valve we are talking about after all, but I’m having a tough time looking at this and saying this is the next best thing. Overall opinion on the controller seems to be split. Many, like myself, don’t get Valve’s angle, but the rest are already throwing money at it, as you can see in the video below … which is clearly someone in Europe.

Now that Valve has revealed their plans for ‘Steam Box’ takeover, I have to admit I’m feeling a little skeptical. Before the controller announcement, I was on board, but it’s shifted my opinion a bit. Of course, we do have to remember that this is Valve we are dealing with, and they are known to take all the risks and get all of the reward. We will have to see how things unfold in the months to come.

SOURCE: Polygon

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