‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

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‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “The Original”

Westworld is just like Disney World but it is not the most happiest place in the world and is filled with violence, sex and deception.

The premiere episode in the first season truly builds a world of mystery and intrigue. Fulfilling all the desires viewers like me were wishing for from the new series. There are still many more stories and characters to discover in this world and I cannot f*!king wait!

Only the Beginning…

‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

Dolores Abernathy wakes every morning on her family’s ranch and rides off to the town to start her day. Meanwhile Teddy steps off the train and enters the town of Sweetwater. Though still early the town is bustling. While Teddy has a drink at the saloon he spots Dolores leaving the grocery store and chases after her. Dolores greets Teddy warmly and we clearly come to an understanding that Dolores and Teddy have a history and that their paths will always lead them back to each other…oh a love story!

Dolores and Teddy head back to the ranch when the two hear gunshots coming from the home. They race up there to discover that bandits have killed Dolores’ father and mother. Teddy shoots the bandits and while Dolores cries over her father’s lifeless body a Man in Black appears and greets her like an old friend – a friend of 30 years – yet Dolores does not recognize him. Teddy shoots the Man in Black but the man does not fall. The Man in Black shoots Teddy in the chest, killing him, as he drags Dolores off screaming.

And cut to the next morning where Dolores wakes again and greets her very alive father and Teddy rides the train into town…the story resets.


Delos, the Westworld headquarters, Bernard – Behavior head – and technician notice there are new more life like gestures that were added to the host update. Bernard is then informed by Theresa, Quality Assurance, that an old host is active in storage. Bernard and security head down to find Park Director, Dr. Robert Ford, hanging out with Old Bill.

Ford had Old Bill go back to sleep and Bernard acknowledges Ford’s gesture improvements to the update.

Not Tonight Dolores

In the Groundhog Day like storyline, Dolores and Teddy live the same day over again but this time they do not meet again. Though Dolores does come face to face with the Man in Black who informs a clueless Dolores that he will not be seeing her tonight.

The Man in Black enters the saloon and plays some poker. At the end of his game, the Man in Black kidnaps the dealer. The Man in Black knows there is a deeper level to this world and wants to find it. When Kissy, the poker dealer, is unable to give the Man in Black the answers he is seeking, the Man in Black scalps him and his scalp reveals a map…

A Host of Problems

‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

One of the recently updated Hosts has a glitch in front of guests causing a panic at Delos. Theresa wants to pull all recently updated hosts but Lee, head of Narrative, thinks that could completely change several of his current storylines.

Bernard reassures the group that he will run a diagnostic test and no host will harm a guest. Bernard has also recently learned that the host glitches can be linked back to the new gesture code Dr. Ford added to the update.

Though there is a serious problem with one of the host who goes on a shooting spree in the town. The host only shoots other hosts but it is enough to pull all the recently updated hosts.

Meanwhile trying to make a power play, Lee kisses Theresa’s ass by admitting there should have never been an update. And something about higher management…keep your eyes on that dude!

Back on the Ranch

Dolores returns home from town to discover her father very distraught over what he found in the fields. A photograph of a woman standing in Times Square and it completely derails Peter Abernathy but when he shows it to Dolores she replies, “doesn’t look like anything to me.”

The following morning, Dolores wakes to find her father still staring at the photo. Peter glitches and begins to warn his daughter. Unable to understand what her father is saying, Dolores heads to town to find a doctor.

Narrative Gaps

Due to the fact that a large number of hosts are having to be recalled, the narrative team has restructured the story so one of the evil bandit hosts, Hector, rides into town early and begins a big shoot out in the saloon. The whole scene ends when a guest shoots Hector.

Though during the shoot out, Teddy was caught in the crossfire and was killed. Dolores is unable to leave Teddy and is part of the clean up of updated hosts.


‘Westworld’ “The Original” Recap: Welcome to the Park…

Back at Delos, the team begins to question the recalled hosts. Things get interesting when Ford chats with Peter Abernathy who begins to recite lines from old builds. This makes it clear that this is more than just a glitch.

In another room, Dolores is being interviewed by head security dude, Stubbs (played by yet another Hemsworth). During her whole interview there are no red flags raised as Dolores admits she would never hurt a living thing. Stubbs lets the technician know that Dolores is loyal and has been rewritten many times, she is the oldest active host in Westworld.

The following morning when Dolores wakes we find a new Peter Abernathy sitting on the porch though of course Dolores does not realize this. While standing off to the side looking out on the land, a fly lands on Dolores and without hesitation she swats and kills it!

Master Plan Prediction:

Dr. Robert Ford created the new code to create a self-destruct mode in the park because he knows that he will be replaced in the company.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO!

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